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Michigan Experiencing Tug of War in Regards to US Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

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Mohamed Bughrara

Abortion rights are in peril in Michigan. A 1931 abortion ban that  has remained in the books can now go into effect and many in the Republican-controlled legislature are looking to implement it. Democrats, like Governor Gretchen Whitmer,  have promised not to allow that to happen..

The Michigan Supreme Court might decide whether or not the abortion ban is allowed in the state. This is due to actions taken earlier this year, Governor Whitmer asked the court to issue a ruling on the constitutionality of the 1931 legislation. Due to Roe v. Wade, such a law had remained dormant since 1973, but now, very little stands in its path.

A number of conservative lawmakers filed legislation last week that would severely punish Michigan’s abortion providers. Whitmer asserts that she would veto any such legislation.

One of the five Republicans vying to go off against Whitmer in November is Tudor Dixon. Additionally, she is vehemently opposed to abortion, as are the other four contenders. In fact, Dixon gained the support of Right to Life of Michigan earlier this month, which is a significant accolade for Michigan Republican candidates.

According to Guttmacher Institute, as of June 28, 2022, certain limitations on abortion were in place in Michigan such as: 

  • A patient must wait 24 hours before having the procedure performed after receiving state-mandated counseling that contains material intended to deter them from having an abortion.
  • Unless people pay extra for an optional rider, private insurance policies only cover abortion when a person’s life is in risk.
  • Unless customers pay an extra fee for an optional rider, health plans made available through the state’s health market under the Affordable Care Act may only provide coverage for abortion when a person’s life is in danger.
  • Only situations where a woman’s life is in risk are covered by insurance policies for public employees who choose not to add an optional, extra-cost rider.
  • Before an abortion is performed, the minor’s parent must provide their permission.
  • Only in situations involving imminent risk to life, rape, or incest is public funding for abortion allowed.
  • Only in situations where the patient’s life is in jeopardy may an abortion be carried out at or beyond viability.
  • The state imposes superfluous and onerous requirements on abortion clinics’ physical facilities, technological infrastructure, and personnel.