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Michigan Department of Natural Resources Seizes, Donates 460 Pounds of Salmon

Credit: iStock

Jeff Fuentes Gleghorn

A group of Colorado fishermen is facing over $4,600 in fines for poaching salmon after two conservation officers witnessed them using illegal fishing gear and catching salmon without a license. The names of the anglers will not be released until arraignment. Conservation Officers Josiah Killingbeck and Scott MacNeill were doing a fish patrol along the Manistee River when an angler told them about a group using illegal fishing methods and equipment to catch fish. The officers found the group and observed them fishing to confirm the tip, and once they approached the Colorado fishermen, several attempted to cut their lines to hide the illegal tackle being used.

Officers interviewed the group and found that they had caught 17 salmon without a license and using illegal tackle. The anglers agreed to admit to breaking the law, taking the DNR officers to the parking lot, where they had an additional 40-50 fish in coolers. Even if properly licensed, the group should not have had more than 30 fish. The officers were able to safely donate the poached salmon to local families for food.

“It’s a shame that this group invested so much time and money to travel all the way to Michigan only to illegally take these salmon, a valuable, public natural resource,” DNR’s Sgt. Grant Emery said.